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March 29, 2011


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I love what you did with the nightstand! I have a desk and bookshelf I am trying to paint bright orange with a lacquered finish. Is Billy Webb a type of primer? Also, did you paint or spray the polyurethane? Yours seems to have such a smooth finish, does it have brush strokes if you look up close? I am looking to achieve a really smooth finish.

Cedric Tan

Awesome work! The first time I learned about rehabbing furniture or refurnishing things is when I visited http://www.innovationliving.com.au/ they really have tons of ideas on how to work with furniture, it really helped me a lot. And I think you guys should take a look.


Appreciate the recommendation. Let me try it out.

Rossetto Furniture

It looks great


Thanks for visiting everyone!

I did brush the paint, which is high gloss with a topping of gloss polyurethane. The brush strokes are there, faintly!, the poly finish really helps mask them.

The little sparkling lamp is an Anthro purchase from years ago, for my daughter's nursery.

Keep in touch for future posts, I'm almost done with the revival of his room. And, remember, like black, color looks good on anything and everywhere!!

xxoo - d.

Bedroom Furniture

How Lovely does that look!!!! It's amazing how you can change the look completely!!!

Paul Byron Downs

Wonderful redo. Not usually a fan of bright yellow, but it really works in the room.



Where is that fabulous lamp from? Love, love, love that table.


Love it! I bought a yellow piece of artwork for my living room and have been trying to add pops of yellow color like this table to the space...you are giving my inspiration


Looks great. How do you paint it without brush strokes?


fabulous, love the color. What kind of paint did you use to get that smooth finish?


FUN, I did 2 matching nightstands in this same color!


It looks great! I love the colour!

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